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Dated: 2 Dec 2009
Posted by Mr. Patterson

Course and revision summaries.

World Religions: Buddhism.

What is Buddhism About?

The Life of the Buddha

The Doctrine of Anicca

The Four Noble Truths

The Wheel of Life

The Noble Eight Fold Path

Basic Knowledge Test Buddhism

Monastic and Lay Communities

Arhat and Bodhisattva

Buddhist Ethics

the Three Jewels



sample questions and answers

Analysis and Evaluation Questions

Exam Revision Slides

Morality and the Modern World Medical Ethics

Morality in the Modern World embryo research

Morality in the Modern World IVF

Religious Responses to Embryo Research

*EXAM HELP _ War and peace revision notes + exam style questions*

Morality in the modern world key concepts

Guiding principles for moral decision making


Would a utilitarian morally justify war? *new*

Utilitarian response to war question

Utilitarianism and Kant answers to mark

Reasons to go to war

Ways of keeping peace

The UN

Christian viewpoints of war


Example essay pacifism

What the Bible states about war

Just War Theory & problems with Just War Theory

Is Just war theory a realistic stance? **new

weapons of mass destruction 1

Christian and CND viewpoints of WMD

WMD info

Controlling WMD and Just War Theory and WMD

nab1 revision questions

Belief and Science

Argument Cosmological

Cosmological Argument

Revelation Definition

General and Special Revelation

Revelation. Strengths and Limitations.

The Scientific Method

Outline of Scientific Method

Strengths and limitations of scientific method.

Summary Test. Revelation & Scientific Method

Scientists and Christianity

The Design or Teleological Argument

Revision Design Argument

Creation Story 1

Strengths and Limitations of the Creation Story.

Use of the embryo AH

Religious Responses to Embryo Research

Secular Responses to embryo research

Origins of the Universe. Big Bang

Origins of Life

Dear Mr Darwin

Exam Preparation (1)