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All Course choice information for Session 2017/2018

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1. Click on your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and go on-line.

2. Put into the address bar and click on “go”. This takes you to the SCHOLAR home page.

3. Click on “login”. This takes you to the login page.

4. Put your user name and password into the boxes provided on the login page. Take care to put these in correctly. Then click on “Login”. This takes you to the SCHOLAR “Welcome” page (Also called “My SCHOLAR” page). In the box in the middle you should see a list of all the subjects you are studying which are covered by SCHOLAR.

5. From the welcome page you can now access the materials for each subject. For example, if you click on “Higher Mathematics” you are taken in to the entire Higher Maths course.

6. On the welcome page pupils studying Maths, Physics or Chemistry will see another heading which says “Help with Maths input”. This explains how to put answers and mathematical expressions into the SCHOLAR online tests. Practise in here before using the Maths, Physics or Chemistry tests. 

7.  Pupils studying French, Spanish, German, Gaelic or Mandarin should click on “Resources” at the left side of the welcome page and then click on “Special Character Bar” and follow the instructions to download the required software. This software enables language students to write answers using special characters and properly accented letters.


a) Software/plug-ins - On the login page you can check to make sure your computer has all the software you need to ensure SCHOLAR runs properly. In the rectangular box we are using a “traffic Light” system. When you go to the login page our site checks your computer.  A green light indicates you already have all the correct software loaded. Amber means there are one or two items you may have to install, and red means you have a lot to install. Click on the traffic light and follow the instructions (VRML is only required for H Computing unit 3C).  

N.B. -  Any software you need to download is perfectly legal and free.

b) Also on the login page, you can click on “Technical Requirements”. There is useful information in there including help to solve access problems whenever they arise.

c) You could add the login page to your “favourites” or make it your home page.  


Why Use SCHOLAR? – 10 Good Reasons 

1. It is free.  You can access SCHOLAR in school, at home, in your local library or anywhere else without any cost.  (Please remember there may, however, be a cost for using the internet at home, so check with your parents) 

2.  It is specifically designed for student use.

3.  The materials are user friendly, kept up-to-date and include:

  • notes and summaries
  • quizzes
  •  interactivities, animations and simulations
  • end of topic tests for every topic in a unit.
  • end of unit tests for every unit, usually set at NAB standard
  • revision material at Int., H and AH levels

4.  Extra help is provided for the parts of the courses students perform poorly in when they sit SQA exams. (The “Extra help” icon which looks like a lifebelt and usually has “Extra Help” beside it locates these areas in the notes.)

5.  It is a terrific back-up to help you understand the work covered in class, and help prepare you for your SQA exams.

6. You have instant feed back on all the quizzes and tests you try.  The quizzes may have hints to help you and are marked on screen, while the end of topic and end of unit tests are marked and stored in your own personal assessment record which you can view as soon as you finish a test. (On the welcome page, click on “Tools” and then “Reports” to view your record.)

7.  There are on-line tutors to help you.  Go into the Discussion Boards to ask your questions. (On the welcome page, click on the icon beside a subject, in the “Discussion” column to go into that particular discussion board.

8.  If you miss work (e.g. through illness), you can use SCHOLAR to help you catch up.

9. With SCHOLAR you are picking up new, and very useful, skills in using the internet and an e-learning environment.  This is great preparation for going to college or university.

10.  You can use SCHOLAR anywhere in the world.


The courses currently covered by SCHOLAR are:

H and AH:  Accounting, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, French, German, Information Systems, Mathematics, Physics and Spanish.

Higher: Art and Design(Textile option only), Gaelic, Human Biology, and Psychology.


In addition, materials for Int. 1 Maths, Int. 2 Maths and Int. 2 Mandarin are now provided. Mandarin for beginners is also available.


From August 2011– H ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

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