S3 Course

Our S3 course is made up of a series of units which will explore and develop Drama skills to prepare our pupils for the National 4/5 course, which they will be working through next academic year.

Keep an eye on this page to follow our progress throughout the year.


Introduction & Simple Stimulus.

This unit gives pupils the opportunity to take a simple stimulus and with support, work their way through the rehearsal process in order to make a structured and interesting piece of theatre. During this unit they explore Form & Structure, Structural Devices, Rehearsal Techniques & an introduction to Theatre Arts.

Drama Skills: Movement

This unit takes Shakespeare’s Hamlet and through an exploration of this story, we develop movement skills such as Mime and Physical Theatre. By using a Shakespeare text we also have the opportunity to develop language & literacy skills in a practical environment.


During this unit, the class will work through a series of exercises which explore the use of voice. During these practical sessions we will be introducing voice vocabulary that the pupils should be using to describe their practical work in evaluations. This vocabulary will be re-capped on during theory periods and in homework tasks. The final assessment for this unit is a performance of a Shakespeare monologue in front of the class.