S2 Course

In S2 drama at DHS you will be building on drama skills which you started developing in S1. Remember though, studying Drama is not just about being a good actor! There is so much more to it than that. You will also be getting experience of working in different groups, building on your communication skills and developing your confidence further.

Keep checking this page to follow our progress throughout the year as we move through different units of work.


Introduction & Improvisation:

This first unit is about reminding the pupils how to work successfully in groups and present a piece of drama to an audience. They will be looking at developing a drama from a simple stimulus, learning about story structure and flashbacks.


This unit was developed in order to get the pupils thinking about issue based drama. Each class came up with a drama about what bullying meant to them and their final performances were entered into a National Anti-Bullying Week Competition. We teamed up with the Creative Industries class who came and took photographs of our rehearsal process. These photos can be seen in our gallery section.

Mime & Movement:

In this unit the class will work through different tasks to explore the skills needed for mime. They will complete these tasks in both paired and group situations. They will also work on set scenes in groups which explore stylised movement and characterisation. Specific vocabulary needs to be learned to be successful in this unit and this is assessed during each lesson and in an end of unit evaluation.


In this unit the class will work through a series of different activities in class which explore the use of voice. During these practical lessons we will be introducing voice vocabulary which they should be starting to use when describing and evaluation their work. This drama vocabulary will be enforced during theory periods and through homework tasks. The final part of this unit is a voice assessment of the poem The Jaberwocky.