S1 Course

In S1 drama at DHS you will be learning how to work successfully in groups, improve your communication skills and build your confidence Рas well as more specific Drama based skills.

Remember studying Drama is not just about being a good actor! There is so much more to it than that.

Keep checking this page to follow our progress throughout the year as we move through different units of work.


Cooperative Learning & Story Building:

This unit looks at positive behaviour while working in groups and leads into creating a drama from a simple stimulus. The pupils will learn how to build a story with a strong structure and how to present that to an audience effectively.

Theseus & The Minotaur:

A unit based around an Ancient Greek myth. This story based unit teaches skills such as Still Image, Narration, Role Play, Physical Theatre & Hot-Seating.


As it is nearing Christmas time, we use the last couple of weeks to explore the form of Pantomine. The unit uses the story of Cinderella to teach skills such as narration, audience participation and the acting skills necessary to perform this type of drama.